Asynchronous Sandbox

We play in a sandbox, communicating asynchronously (text, IM, email).

PCs will usually not be moving and acting as a group. Instead, each PC will be developing individual threads which will occasionally entwine with the threads of other PCs.

Each player communicates with the GM usually by sending a text message or email describing what their PC is getting up to. The GM adjudicates results throughout the day (when time permits IRL), then updates this website appropriately and informs the player.

When game circumstances require, players (singly or in groups) will meet with the GM F2F to adjudicate high-drama events (combats, social intrigue, etc).

The campaign takes place on Golarion and will likely follow all published Paizo canon on the setting.

Players start with 3rd level PCs, using house rules for floating some character creation choices indefinitely.

Asynchronous Sandbox

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