Character Creation Rules

General Player Guidelines

This is a sandbox that many players can play in. Your PC can explore/adventure solo, or can coordinate with other PCs. Or both.

Don’t expect a frenetic pace.
  • The GM has a job and a family and other hobbies besides this one. You do too. This campaign is a fun shared pastime.
  • Think of the action as occurring in real time. If your PC wants to spend a couple hours gathering information around town, then perhaps it will take the GM a couple hours to find time to adjudicate the results and craft a reply.
  • Obviously that doesn’t apply to combat or other high-drama events. When a PC (or group) encounters such an…encounter, we’ll schedule a F2F session to play it out.
Give your PC some flavor.
  • You don’t have to describe a fully-fleshed, complex personality just to get started.
  • But do invent some fun details about your PC.
  • And find chances to embellish as you go.
Please communicate with other PCs in character.
  • Avoid referring explicitly to game concepts (like, say, hit points).
  • Don’t convey information that your PC does not have access to.
To get started:
  1. Create a 3rd level PC (see rules below)
  2. Send an email to the GM with your PCs details (in any format you like).

Character Creation Specifics


  • If it’s published by Paizo for Pathinder, you can use it.
  • If it’s published by someone else for Pathfinder, you probably can use it. Ask first.
  • If it’s published by anyone for something besides Pathfinder, you probably can not use it. Feel free to ask anyway.

PC Stats

  • 20 point buy.
  • Start at 3rd level.
  • 3,000 gp to spend.

PC Details:

  • You must provide some backstory. The absolute minimum:
  1. Where is your PC from?
  2. What did they do to gain two class levels?
  3. How did they travel to Cromlyn?
  • Refer to canonical Golarion locations and personae when possible, please.
  • To begin play, you are only required to define the following details of your PC:
    Class Levels
    Class Feature choices. For example:
    __Wizard bonded item
    __Bonus feat selections (Fighter, Monk, et al)
    __Cleric deity and domains
    Favored class bonuses chosen
    Starting equipment
  • For skill ranks, traits, and base feats, you can wait until you need them to decide that you have them. Caveats:
  1. You cannot fill a feat slot with a feat that you did not qualify for at the time you gained the feat slot. You can’t, for example, pick for your 3rd level Dwarf two base feats that require a BAB of +3.
  2. You cannot take a background trait that diverges significantly from your provided backstory.
  • The same rules apply when you level up. Make your class feature choices and pick your favored class bonus. Then update your stats, and you are good to go. Decide on skill ranks and base feats whenever you like. You can wait indefinitely to assign your skill points. Think of it as your PC discovering what they are good at as they go. You can wait indefinitely to pick base feats as well, so long as the feat you eventually pick is one you were eligible for when you gained the feat slot.

Character Creation Rules

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