Cromlyn is a minor river port on the Verduran Fork in Taldor. Population about 1000.

The town sits on the northwest side of the river as the river’s east-west flow bends southward about 50 miles west of Yanmass.

The town is surrounded by the sparsely populated rolling grassland of the Tandak Plains.

Cromlyn exports stone down the river; the stone quarries north of town are the town’s economic lifeblood, and most Taldorans associate Cromlyn with that industry.

Cromlyn also enjoys some success as a tourism destination. The town has a reputation among wealthy Yanmassian families as a quaint and quiet place, free of the hubbub of the city, yet with surprisingly comfortable accomodations.

Cromlyn has another source of reknown, though, among a certain segment of the population of Golarion: north of the quarries lie the open plains of the Tandak, pregnant with forgotten temples, ghost towns, abandoned castles, unexplored caverns, and all manner of adventure and riches. Each spring a new handful of questing souls, alone or in groups, arrive from all corners of the Inner Sea (and beyond). They’ve heard the tales of legends and lore to be found to the north. To them Cromlyn is merely a base camp. In fact, Cromlyn innkeepers offer free equipment storage to all patrons, and equipment so stored, but never subsequently reclaimed, is a significant source of the wealth of the members of the local Merchant’s Guild.


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